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French Vegan Humor

French Vegan Humor!

I just read a most unexpected comic strip in a French magazine and had to share it. First, l et me provide some context for my wanting to share it. I love my country of birth, but when it comes to animal exploitation and veganism, France must be by far one of the slowest countries […]


The Many Faces of Kindness

I had a recent conversation with a friend at a dinner about hunger in the world. When I mentioned that the Western world was very much responsible for children, let’s say in Africa, dying daily of starvation, my friend opened her eyes really big and replied “what does this have to do with me and […]

Las Vegas Vegan options

Vegan Dining at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas

Sin city must be looking for some redemption because it is now offering vegan choices in Wynn and Encore hotels and restaurants. With endless huge buffets where vegans can usually only find meager selections and not always very flavorful ones, the news of vegan options will be music to your ears! Who do we have to […]

Meat boycott

Meat boycott in Sudan!

It is funny how things work. The sharp rise in meat prices (40%) in Sudan is forcing people to make bold decisions such as boycotting lamb, beef, and chicken which are prominently featured in the Sudanese diet. Too much in fact. Add to this a 21.1% inflation… So people are upset, thinking that maybe so […]

Vegetarian Butchers?

It is a good thing that I now live near Portland, the vegan capital of the US, otherwise, I may have purchased a plane ticket to the Netherlands when I read that some 75 percent of people there no longer eat meat. Wow, that’s huge! These are my peeps! As a result, when you take […]

Traveling through Amsterdam Airport?

If you happen to be traveling to Europe and transiting through Schipoll airport, I have some good news. Not only does Amsterdam offer cheap fares to Europe for US travelers, but you can now enjoy a nice fresh vegetable and fruit juice while waiting for your next connection. I had a few hours to kill and […]


If you ever doubted the validity and power of this belief and statement, doubt no further and check this out. University of North Texas (UNT) just opened its first vegan cafeteria. It isn’t a hoax! From the ‘cattle state’, this is quite an extraordinary news. It is in fact the only mainstream university to offer […]

Fresh salad spread

Fresh Salad Spread

I was trying to find a translation for this salad and couldn’t come up with one that conveyed the meaning of assiète de crudités. A plate of raw vegetables sounds somehow boring and uneventful while the French equivalent is a standard in French restaurants, showcasing the freshness of local produce for customers wanting a light dish with lots of flavor […]

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