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Vegan Good News

20 Things to Be Thankful For in 2020! VEGAN NEWS

We can all agree that 2020 has been a pretty surreal and challenging year. One could actually say 2020 is a year like no other year, so much so that there will be BC (before COVID) and AC (after COVID) considering how almost everything has been impacted by it. The good news is like everything […]

French food

France Votes to Reduce Food Waste

Every now and then France does something that makes me feel proud to be French ! I almost felt like singing the French national anthem and breaking out my beret! France recently voted in favor of a law that makes it illegal for supermarkets to throw away and destroy edible food in order to cut […]

Thumb up

Thumbs Up for The UK!

You win some, you lose some… This seems to be Monsanto‘s new motto !  They sure have been in the news a lot lately! While Whole Foods and others have surrendered to the GMO king in the US, the Daily Mail, a British newspaper reported that the UK and Europe succeeded in no less than […]

Whole Foods Abandons Fight for GMO Labelling

Whole Foods No Longer Supports GMO Labelling

  Sorry for the bad news folks, but the largest retailer of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ foods in the US just gave up fighting against GE crops (a.k.a Genetically Modified organisms or GMO). Now, why would a giant like Whole Foods, the champion of all things natural and healthy would do such a thing? Well, they […]

Bolivia Kicks out McDonald

Bolivia Kicks Out McDonald!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if people were to stand for their values, their culture and their health?  Good things for sure. For one, they would make sure that their values, their culture and the public health is preserved for themselves and future generations. Not a small achievement, by any means! Take Bolivia […]

Thumb down


France Outlaws Vegetarian and Vegan Meals in Schools! Are you kidding me? Being French, this news just about socked me in the gut. Actually, even my father who is a pescatarian (no red or white meat, no cow dairy products, only goat cheese, and fish) keeps telling me that France will be the last country […]

French Vegan Humor

French Vegan Humor!

I just read a most unexpected comic strip in a French magazine and had to share it. First, l et me provide some context for my wanting to share it. I love my country of birth, but when it comes to animal exploitation and veganism, France must be by far one of the slowest countries […]

Las Vegas Vegan options

Vegan Dining at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas

Sin city must be looking for some redemption because it is now offering vegan choices in Wynn and Encore hotels and restaurants. With endless huge buffets where vegans can usually only find meager selections and not always very flavorful ones, the news of vegan options will be music to your ears! Who do we have to […]

Meat boycott

Meat boycott in Sudan!

It is funny how things work. The sharp rise in meat prices (40%) in Sudan is forcing people to make bold decisions such as boycotting lamb, beef, and chicken which are prominently featured in the Sudanese diet. Too much in fact. Add to this a 21.1% inflation… So people are upset, thinking that maybe so […]

Vegetarian Butchers?

It is a good thing that I now live near Portland, the vegan capital of the US, otherwise, I may have purchased a plane ticket to the Netherlands when I read that some 75 percent of people there no longer eat meat. Wow, that’s huge! These are my peeps! As a result, when you take […]

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