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Vegan Travel Tips


  1. Plan before you leave – A little research at home goes a long way. As an absolute minimum, always check the site to identify vegan friendly restaurants in every city you will be visiting and locate health food stores to get your supplies. THIS IS A MUST! – Also find out where […]

Mexican Vegan options in Las Vegas

Best Vegan Options On a Budget in Las Vegas!

Where to eat in Las Vegas when you are vegan and on a budget? The great news is that there are new restaurants opening every year. This is something you want to research before you leave so that you can truly enjoy your stay. Planning at least where you will have your dinners t and […]

Traveling through Amsterdam Airport?

If you happen to be traveling to Europe and transiting through Schipoll airport, I have some good news. Not only does Amsterdam offer cheap fares to Europe for US travelers, but you can now enjoy a nice fresh vegetable and fruit juice while waiting for your next connection. I had a few hours to kill and […]

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