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Vegan Kebab

Perfect Meal For 4th of July Celebrations

Summer has been a bit slow to arrive in the Pacific Northwest this year, to say the least! But I am not complaining because while the rest of the country has been feeling the heat and drought quite early, lawns and meadows here are gloriously green, and our lakes and rivers are full! But I […]

Whipped Garlic Paste -Toum

Toum – Lebanese Whipped Garlic Paste

If I was stranded on an island and could only have one type of sauce, I would probably opt for a life supply of freshly made Toum! Seriously, if you like garlic, you are going to love this recipe. The first time I tasted it was at a Lebanese restaurant in France. The waiter brought […]

Collard wraps

Deluxe Collard Wraps

Collard greens are a staple in Southern cooking. They are from the cabbage family, and can be substituted to Kale or Swiss Chard. For the longest time, I only knew collard greens as a leafy greens that is often slightly overcooked. Fast forward a few years and imagine my surprise when I discovered at a […]

CIlantro Lime Waffles

Cilantro Lime Waffles with Sweet Chili Sauce

Who doesn’t like waffles?  They are light, crispy, have perfect little indentations just to hold the right amount of maple syrup and butter. Yum! But have you ever tried savory waffles? Those are really good especially if you prefer salty to sweet for breakfast or brunch like I do. For some reason I always feel […]

Pasta with lemon caper sauce

Gluten-free pasta with lemon caper sauce

When you think of pasta, tomato sauce pretty much comes first to mind, then maybe pesto. But you will be surprised to find out that lemons were originally served with pasta in Italy. That’s because tomatoes were introduced 1500 years after lemons! How about that! Why tomatoes and lemons? They are both acidic so they […]

Vegan moussaka

The Ultimate Vegan Moussaka

One of my absolute all time favorite movies is My Big Fat Greek wedding. I must have watched it half a dozen times. There are so many great lines. Apparently the whole movie is based on Nia Vardalos’s colorful family members. There is a scene in the movie where young Tula brings a homemade lunch […]

Okonomiyaki Pancakes

Vegan Okonomiyaki

  We recently discovered that there was a new vegan Japanese restaurant in Portland. It is called Obon Shokudo (at 720 se grand ave). They serve traditional Japanese dishes minus the fish, meat and eggs! It was lovely and it reminded us of Okonomiyaki pancakes as it was on their menu. “Okonomiyaki”, now that’s a […]

Savory steamed buns

Savory Steamed Buns (Bao Buns)

The first time I tasted Bao buns or “baozi” (Chinese steamed buns), they were filled with a sweet red bean paste. It was unusual, to say the least but the hot soft pillowy dough was lightly sweet and good unlike anything I had ever tasted before. It was the first and not the last time […]


Vegan Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng, (also spelled Mie Goreng and Mi Goreng) is a traditional and very popular Indonesian and Malaysian street food.  It exemplifies the beautiful ethnic mix of the food from South East Asia. You have Chinese yellow egg noodles, Indian curry spices, Malay from the name and tomato sauce from the British influence. “Mee” means […]

Lima Beans ragout

Lima Beans with Rosemary Butter Sauce

A few years ago I got an Instant pot for Christmas. I was so excited to discover that I could cook beans in less than 30 minutes (if skipping the soaking). Now once a month or whenever I am out of cooked beans I set an evening aside to make batches of different beans. Once […]

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