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Traveling through Amsterdam Airport?

Juice Bar at Schipool airport

If you happen to be traveling to Europe and transiting through Schipoll airport, I have some good news. Not only does Amsterdam offer cheap fares to Europe for US travelers, but you can now enjoy a nice fresh vegetable and fruit juice while waiting for your next connection. I had a few hours to kill and stiff legs from a long flight so I walked around a little. When to my great joy, I saw a “Juicy Details” a bright juice bar located near the T2 and T3 transfer area.

Waiting for a needed boost of vitamins!

I got a carrot, apple and ginger large juice for just 5.50€. What a deal!  And it just hit the spot! Airport food can be a challenge especially for vegans. So this was a perfect boost of vitamins, enzymes and energy, just what the doctor ordered.

But it doesn’t stop here, as I was counting my blessings sipping my juice, I noticed across from the juice bar a store called Rituals. I like the sound of this! As I approached it, I saw all kinds of natural creams, lotions I could sample while I was waiting for my flight.  Don’t have to ask me twice! It was divine, I must have sampled 10 of them on every patch skin I could find!  Traveling can be rough on your skin with the recycled air in the planes, the airport etc!

Heavenly body creams for the weary traveler!

Turns out, their products are not only entirely natural, plant based but they are also not tested on animals. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! And the prices were pretty reasonable too. Considering the location, the quality of the products, the packaging, it was outright cheap. So I bought a few creams as gifts and they even wrapped them for me. Actually, if you do buy some, make them wrap it for you because creams and lotions are considered liquid and will be confiscated in your next security check unless they are gift wrapped (that would ruin your day!) They will not only put the cream in a nice paper package but they will also seal it in a plastic bag with the receipt and the location so that when you go through your security check, they will see that it originated in the airport and will let you go through without a problem.

So next time you transition through Schipoll airport, get your vitamin boost and free lathering of naturally scented great creams before heading to your next destination, so that you can feel and smell fresh and renewed for the rest of your trip.

Bon voyage!


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