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Meat boycott in Sudan!

Meat boycott

It is funny how things work.

The sharp rise in meat prices (40%) in Sudan is forcing people to make bold decisions such as boycotting lamb, beef, and chicken which are prominently featured in the Sudanese diet. Too much in fact. Add to this a 21.1% inflation… So people are upset, thinking that maybe so much meat wasn’t such a good idea in the first place. They are researching things out, the fact that doctors are saying that reducing meat consumption is a good thing and there are many alternatives in terms of protein available in Sudan.

So, looks like a new trend towards a more vegetarian lifestyle is on the rise in Sudan… Thanks to high prices and new health concerns for its citizens. Let’s hope that it sticks and more nations will follow.

Frankly, with climate change, increased disruptions in rice and grain production, all nations are in line to feel the guaranteed price fluctuations of the commodities market. So why not take the lead, make the switch. That’s something that we can do right now.


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