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Vegetable korma

Creamy Vegetable Korma

Vegetable korma is a traditional Indian dish that exemplifies comfort food. It features a variety of vegetables cooked in a creamy, spiced sauce. Just like the many types of salsa you will find in Mexico, different regions of India have their own unique variations of korma. For example, in the northern regions of India, it […]

Vegetable bundles

Quick Crispy Vegetable Bundles

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we are making a fun appetizer. Whenever we have some cabbage, carrots and mushrooms (which is pretty much all the time), we like to make either a stir fry or eggrolls but we don’t always feel like deep frying. So instead, we prepare the filling and break out […]

Vegan Chinese turnip cakes

Easy Vegan Chinese Turnip Cakes

Now that Christmas and the New Year celebrations are over, it is time for Chinese Lunar Year also known as Spring Festival. It begins on January 22 this year, the day of the new moon and goes on for 15 days. 2023 is the year of water Rabbit, a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity! […]

Vegan Salmon Steaks

Vegan Salmon Steaks with aioli

Have you ever noticed that there is a plethora of store bought plant-based alternatives for beef, chicken, turkey, and bacon but not a lot of options when it comes to vegan fish products? It is probably only a matter of time until brilliant cooks, food scientists and engineers succeed in developing new textures, flavors that […]

Penne all' arrabbiata with olives.

Best Penne All’Arrabbiata

When you are a vegan eating out in a French restaurant you have to be quite creative with the menu, ask questions, find out if they can make simple substitutions, often order from the side dishes. You can pretty much always find spaghetti with tomato sauce (quite boring!) and if you are lucky maybe some […]

Ratatouille - traditional French Provencal vegetable dish cooked in oven

Mom’s Ratatouille

Sorry for not posting anything for the past few weeks. My mom peacefully passed away on October 28th. R.I.P. With planning for traveling and preparing for funerals, and everything else that comes with such event, I didn’t have the energy or the time to write. Two weeks before turning ninety two, her soul gently departed […]

5-minute pizza

5-minute Pizza

5-minute pizza! Sounds too good to be true? Not only can it be done but the result is really good! This recipe came together one evening when we were working on a project and were craving a homemade pizza. The simplest pizza is always the best. Take the Margherita for instance, just a handful of […]

Hearty Farro Stew

Hearty Farro Vegetable Stew

What is farro? It isn’t the name for an Egyptian ruler! Farro is an ancient grain that is said to date back to 10,000 years ago and some was even found in tombs of Egyptian Kings. Farro Monococcum, to be more precise, is in fact the oldest grain still being cultivated today. For thousands of […]

10 Vegan Tomato Recipes

10 Vegan Recipes Showcasing Glorious Tomatoes!

It is that time of year when tomatoes and peppers are ripening all at once! So what do you do when you have a bumper crop of tomatoes? There is always gifting to family and friends, drive by neighbors front porch… You can also make tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes… There are so many wonderful dishes […]

Vegan Cauliflower pizza

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower went from being a not very popular, kind of boring stinky vegetable to the new cool kid on the block! You may have seen bags of cauliflower rice, frozen cauliflower chick’n wings, boxes of keto-friendly frozen cauliflower pizza crusts. One of the great thing about cauliflower pizza crusts is that they are gluten-free but […]

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