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Peach Tea Mocktail

Refreshing Fruity Ice Tea Mocktail

This drink was created as an attempt to reproduce a mocktail I had in a Lebanese restaurant years ago. It was a hot day, and I wanted something special, not too sweet but very refreshing. And did they deliver on that wish! This was no Arnold Palmer! It had layers of flavors! An exotic subtle […]

Masala Chai

Best Dairy-Free Chai Latte

Chai is comfort in a mug! Whether you need a boost of energy in the morning, a little digestive help after a meal or a wind me down cup in the afternoon, chai does it all! No wonder chai is India’s national drink! I think that I must have been Indian in a past life […]

Rejuvelac probiotic drink

Homemade Rejuvelac – Liquid Probiotic in a bottle

Probiotics First, let me start by saying that rejuvelac is an amazing drink that EVERYONE should make at home. If you are in your golden years, say goodbye to Metamucil and stool softeners, and hello to rejuvelac! If you enjoy occasional fast food, you will want to ease your digestion with this homemade elixir! So […]

Soy Nog

Vegan Holidays Treats

True to my motto “Life is short, eat desert first!”, here are 2 sweet treats for Christmas. Soy Nog, is an eggless and dairy-free version everyone, young and old can indulge guilt-free. For one, you avoid the whole raw egg and salmonella poisoning ordeal! Who would want that and it would kind of ruin your […]

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