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Savory Quinoa Pancakes (Uttapam)

Who doesn’t like pancakes? There are quite a few different versions depending where in the world you live. I grew up eating thin French crepes, but only discovered thick pancakes when I came to the states. India has a different type of pancakes that are naturally gluten-free, vegan and protein-packed that make the best breakfast! […]

Golden milk tea

Glorious Golden Milk Paste

I never had problems sleeping my whole life until I hit menopause. The combo of weight gain, hot flashes, which is essentially our hormonal system going into supersonic mode for no good reason, can really disrupt the body’s ability to fully rest, repairs and restores itself. No wonder we get cranky from time to time! […]

Vegetable korma

Creamy Vegetable Korma

Vegetable korma is a traditional Indian dish that exemplifies comfort food. It features a variety of vegetables cooked in a creamy, spiced sauce. Just like the many types of salsa you will find in Mexico, different regions of India have their own unique variations of korma. For example, in the northern regions of India, it […]

vegan Indian cardamom ice cream

Creamy Dairy-Free Kulfi Ice Cream

The first time I tasted kulfi, I thought I died and went to heaven. After a rich and spicy Indian meal, it cleansed my palate, delivered just the right amount of sweetness, and creaminess.  What I loved was that every bite was infused with a lovely cardamom and pistachio flavors, and yet I couldn’t see […]

Masala Chai

Best Dairy-Free Chai Latte

Chai is comfort in a mug! Whether you need a boost of energy in the morning, a little digestive help after a meal or a wind me down cup in the afternoon, chai does it all! No wonder chai is India’s national drink! I think that I must have been Indian in a past life […]

Baked Mung dal fritters

Baked Mung Dal Fritters

These little crispy fritters are always a hit at parties. They pack spices, protein, and a little heat. In restaurants, they are always deep-fried (think pakora!) but you can also bake them and still get a crisp bite! You can make them ahead of time and keep them warm in the oven until you are […]

Indian Puffed Rice Salad

Indian Puffed Rice Salad

The first time I tasted Bhel Puri salad was in an Indian restaurant in San Jose California many years ago. Someone at our table had ordered it as an appetizer. I couldn’t believe the explosion of flavor in every mouthful. Sweet & sour, crispy and crunchy, and loaded with fresh herbs. It was light, crunchy, […]

Vegetable samosas

Air-Fried Vegetable Samosas

This week, we are making one of our favorite Indian appetizers:  vegetable samosas. I can remember the first time I sank my teeth in one of these crispy spicy little pillows. I thought I had died and went to heaven! And don’t get me started with the mint and tamarind sauces! This is my definition […]

Dairy-free Indian rice pudding

Dairy-Free Cardamom Rose Rice Pudding

Before I became a vegan, I used to order an incredibly rich Indian cardamon ice cream called “kulfi” at the end of a meal, to end on a sweet note and to refresh my taste buds from all the spices. I also loved the cardamon rice pudding that is usually served with the lunch buffet […]

Saag paneer with tofu

Vegan Saag Paneer with Tofu

Every now and then we have a craving for something a little spicy and special.  We had an abundance of fresh greens from our garden, so the idea of making the Indian classic Saag paneer came up. The traditional recipe calls for pureed spinach and paneer a type of homemade cheese cubes that typically comes […]

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