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Flax seeds loaves

Flax Seed Bread Loaves

If you know me, you know that I love bread! Whether it is a warm crispy French baguette, a nice Ciabatta roll, homemade focaccia, toasted dill rye, or some hearty pumpernickel… what I don’t love about bread though, is how addictive it is. I can eat an entire baguette in one sitting! It must come […]

Rejuvelac probiotic drink

Homemade Rejuvelac – Liquid Probiotic in a bottle

Probiotics First, let me start by saying that rejuvelac is an amazing drink that EVERYONE should make at home. If you are in your golden years, say goodbye to Metamucil and stool softeners, and hello to rejuvelac! If you enjoy occasional fast food, you will want to ease your digestion with this homemade elixir! So […]

Miso soup

Miso – The Ultimate Radiation Shield

Even though, the news isn’t covering the situation in Japan as much as before, the dangers for residents in Japan and people around the world is no less because of it. While everyone is talking about taking iodine supplement, is there anything else we can do? I found out that there is something everyone can […]

Sunflower sprouts healthy snack

ODE TO THE SUNFLOWER SEED – The Mightiest Sprout of All!

I felt so blessed to be able to go to Haiti last year a week after the earthquake to help at a Seven day Adventist hospital. It was so moving to see doctors, nurses from all over the world that had temporary left what they were doing to lend a hand to the Haitian people in […]

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