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If you ever doubted the validity and power of this belief and statement, doubt no further and check this out.

University North Texas Vegan-cafeteria
University North Texas (UNT) Vegan Cafeteria

University of North Texas (UNT) just opened its first vegan cafeteria. It isn’t a hoax! From the ‘cattle state’, this is quite an extraordinary news. It is in fact the only mainstream university to offer an entirely VEGAN cafeteria in the US ! (applause). May many more universities follow their wise example. After all, healthier food, means better students, better results, happier campus overall. Everyone wins.

The cafeteria showcases an open design, bright colors, creative signs on the wall and a soothing atmosphere.  What could have caused such a surprising and bold move? Simply to address the growing requests (since 2004)  from a quarter of the students surveyed to provide them with some vegan selections, healthier choices “calorie-conscious, fat-conscious, whole grain, gluten-free and locally sourced food”. The moral of the story is that if you complaint loud and long enough, you will be heard and something will be done. We have a lot more power than we think.

So, the next time you feel a little down or think that things aren’t progressing fast enough, just remember that we only need to ask…
So, less complaining, more standing for what we believe and the world around us will change accordingly.


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