UV Sterilizer Light with Remote Control

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UV Sterilizing Light


Take a break from harsh chemicals and switch to ultraviolet light to sterilize your surroundings. Whether for work or at home, use the UVC sterilizer light to remove germs, bacteria, mites, odors, pollen, and dust particles and improve your living environment.


1. Unique design: provides coverage for 10-25 sqm (107-279 sqft) space.

2. Quartz glass tube & wide base: The quartz glass tube has high light transmittance and a strong sterilization effect.

3. Best used for: living room, bedroom, basement, attics, HVAC ducts, and other household spaces.

5. Duration of use: 15,30 or 60 minutes. Fifteen minutes for rapid sterilization and disinfection.

6. Smart Timer Switch with Remote Control for Safer use.

7. The device comes with a remote control that can be operated 60 feet away from the area you are treating.

8. There are 3 timing functions and a 15-second delay so that you can also turn it on manually and have 15 seconds to walk out of the room.

Before turning the UV Lamp on, you must remove all plants and animals from the rooms and leave the room immediately. UV light produces some ozone which needs time to dissipate after each treatment. It is recommended to allow 30 minutes after each use.



Panel operation:

1. Press the switch key

2. Tap the key again to select the disinfection time (15/30/60)

3. After the selection is completed, leave the scene, and the indicator light will light up after 30 seconds.

Remote operation:

1. Press the switch key

2. Select disinfection time (15/30/60)

3. Press the switch key again and leave the scene. The indicator light will light up after 30 seconds.


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