Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massage Device

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This device is a great in-home alternative solution to expensive ultrasonic cavitation treatments, EMS therapies, or infrared sauna. It can remove cellulite and tighten skin from the comfort of your home. It is safe and effective and is known to:

  • Burns fat
  • Fights cellulite and skin sagging
  • Releases pain and inflammation
  • Results in Just 20 Minutes/Day

This device has 3 healing modes:

Infrared waves: wavelength 8-12 μ m, can penetrate 1.5 inches deep into the skin, improving its tone and elasticity and accelerate the fat-burning process. Far infrared promotes collagen production and the regeneration of old cells.

Ultrasound: With 1 million vibrations per second, ultrasound can accelerate your metabolism, burn body fat, eliminate fatigue and muscle soreness.

EMS function: prevents muscle atrophy, helps reduce inflammation for pain management by promoting blood circulation, accelerate your metabolism, eliminate harmful substances in the body, improve nutrition absorption, tighten skin and delay aging signs.

How to use:

It is suitable for the face, arms, waist, abdomen, buttock, leg etc.
Usage: 15-30 minutes sessions, 3-4 times a week.

There are five modes on the left side of the device: beat, massage, kneading, acupuncture, and tightening. Use the wand or attach the small patches for a hands-off treatment.

Tip: before each use, it is recommended to add some coconut oil, water-based gel, or moisturizer to the area of the skin you will be working on so that the wand can easily slide and penetrate deeper.

1  Slimming Instrument
1  Power Adapter
2  Electrode Patches
1  Connecting Wire
1 User Manual



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