Steel Tuning Fork Set

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These steel tuning forks are tools used in sound therapy.

The Hertz number corresponds to the following music notes:
256 Hz = (C)
288 Hz = (D)
320 Hz = (E)
341.3 Hz = (F)
384 Hz = (G)
426.6 = (A)
480 = (B)
512 = (C)

Benefits of tuning forks

Tuning forks are known to balance the nervous system, enhance relaxation, stimulate chi, bring tranquility, reduce stress, inspire calm. They also help tune into the body’s natural cycles.

They also can aid digestion and are naturally anti-inflammatory.
They can be used to promote faster healing of strained or damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Tuning forks can be used on yourself:

You can change your inner tuning by creating a resonance throughout your mind, emotions, and body.It was discovered, through experimentation that the nervous system has a hum to it and when under stress that pitch changes. By using tuning forks, one can quickly retune the body to its normal vibratory state.

How to use and activate tuning forks

For best results, strike the tuning fork gently against a hard surface near where the tines end. You do not need to strike the tuning fork very hard against an object to activate it. Once it vibrates, simply place the fork on an area of the body that has pain, discomfort, or inflammation to recalibrate it and eliminate the blockage or imbalance.

The tuning fork is struck and then applied to specific acupressure points or areas of concern. It is much like acupuncture, without the needles, and helps to release tension move stagnant energy and promote emotional balance.

Use on yourself and loved ones! Makes a great gift too!






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