Potato Grow Bag

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Potato Planting Bags


Product description

This practical potato planting bag yields fresh and delicious potatoes directly without having to do any digging

1. Unique design pots have fine hand-stitching, opening flap, and pocket edge crimping.

2. Soft and strong, made with thick and durable material. 

3. Reusable potato planting bags allow you to grow potatoes anywhere, Place on balcony or driveway, etc.

At the end of the growing season, empty the bag, just wipe it clean and fold like a regular flower pot, taking up very little space.


Product parameters:

Product Name: Vegetable Growing Bag

Product material: non-woven

Product use: planting bag

Product weight: 110g

Product length: 25x30cm (4 gallons)

Product color: Black, Green, Brown, Gray

How to use:

1. Place a few inches of soil at the bottom.

2. Spread about 4 to 6 seed potatoes evenly on top.

3. Cover more soil, water and observe, as they germinate and plants appear, continue adding soil until the plants are exposed from the top of the bag.

4. After that, only regular watering and irrigation are required to maintain moisture and nutrients.

5. After observing and waiting for the potato to mature, you can remove the fresh potatoes directly from the bottom of the window. Looking forward to this year and the future

Package Includes:

1 x Garden planting bag













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China, United States


Black, Brown, Green, Gray, Black, Gray, Khaki


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