Hydroponic Grow System 6 pots

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– Saves on land and water usage.
– Labor-saving.
– Saves on chemical fertilizer.
– Saves on pesticides
– Eco-friendly.
– High Yields.


– 45mm opening for larger plants and vegetable
–  Suitable for balcony/garden/window environment.
– Oxygen style with aerobic water pump, circulating oxygen to prevent root rot.

1. Wrap the seeds with gauze or wet wipes and wait for the germination
2. Put sponge cubes in water, squeeze out the air, soak for two hours, then wash them twice with water.
3. After the seedlings grow 3-4 leaves, move to a round sponge to colonize 
4. Place the sponge cubes in the cups and place the seeds into the sponge at a 2-3 mm in depth.
5. Insert the planting cups into the bottom of the tank. 
6. Add water to the tank and add nutrient solution to start planting (The water level of the water tank needs to touch half of the sponge).
7. Place the grow box in a sunny place. Leaves will start to grow after about two weeks, at that point, the transplanted seedlings can be planted.
8. Remove the planting cup, pour the prepared nutrient solution, water level as shown.
9. Put the planting cup into the planting hole and connect the power for oxygenation. You must ensure oxygenation for 8 hours every day.
10. For the buoy, the green position is a safe area, the red position alerts you that you need to add the nutrient solution.
11. After the plant grows, the level of nutrient solution should be reduced, which is beneficial to plant growth

Package Contents:
1 x Planting Water Tank
1 x Nursery Sponge
1 x Aeration Pump
6 x Planting Basket
6 x Planting Sponge

Technical Specifications:
Material: PP
Color: White

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Oxygen type, Silent type


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