Eco Laundry Ball

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ECO LAUNDRY BALL – Wash without detergent

Contains bamboo charcoal nano-ceramic particles to remove stains on clothes.
Compatible with any washing machines and types of fabric.
Best to use warm or hot water for optimal cleaning.
Does not damage clothes, does not fade, does not need refilling.
Perfect for people with allergies and skin sensitivities to chemicals and detergent. 
Washed clothes are clean, smell fresh
Reduces scale and lime buildup and maintenance in washing machines and pipes.
Balls should last up to 1500 loads (average 9-10 loads per week for 3 years for an average family)
Washing ball is a must-have for the family.

How do they work:
The ceramic beads in the plastic balls increase the pH level of water when they tumble in the washer. 
This also naturally creates a natural hydrogen peroxide effect which sticks to the dirt and moves it away from the clothes.

Place the balls in the sun once a month to regenerate the ceramic nano beads.

Material: TPR + bamboo charcoal
Color: Green, Blue
Size: 8x6cm/3.15×2.36in




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Blue, green


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