Water Saving Pressurized Shower Head

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Long showers are great but with global warming, more droughts everywhere, it is becoming clear that we must not waste this precious commodity. This showerhead does just that! It provides plenty of pressure but delivers less water.

1. The shower head is made of ABS material, is lightweight, strong, and durable.
2. It combines aesthetics with practicality.
3. It has a one-button water stop function to quickly turn it on and off.
4. Three modes to choose from: pulse, mix, and rain, so that you can better enjoy your showers.
5. By siphoning air into the showerhead, pressure is created and less water is used.


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White, Reflective Sliver, as show and tube, as show and tube, 1.5M Soft Tube

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China, United States, SPAIN, Australia, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic


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