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Bolivia Kicks Out McDonald!

Bolivia Kicks out McDonald

Have you ever wondered what would happen if people were to stand for their values, their culture and their health?  Good things for sure. For one, they would make sure that their values, their culture and the public health is preserved for themselves and future generations. Not a small achievement, by any means!

Take Bolivia for instance, after 14 years of trying to break into this country, McDonald’s announced the closure of its 8 restaurants in all major cities due to the lack of business. This new trend isn’t limited to Bolivia, restaurants will be closed in 7 other countries that haven’t done well either. McDonald’s fast food isn’t welcomed here anymore!

Kudos to the people of Bolivia for having  followed the wisdom of your culture, not succumbed to the temptation and the deadly trap of American fast food, for having taught your children well as to the goodness of food made with love and wholesome ingredients!

Can you imagine if the American people were to exercise their right to have delicious, wholesome food at a reasonable price? Since supply follows demand, it shouldn’t take too long before visible changes would be seen. America doesn’t have much of a culinary history as the rest of the world does, so Americans can’t be as picky. But, access to affordable healthy food is a right not a privilege and we should demand it from now on.

How about following Bolivia’s example and create the world we want to live in by standing for our good values, for the benefit of the many instead of the few? I can already hear the slogan in the distance: “McDonald, Hell no!”
Can you?



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