Walk-in Greenhouse

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High-quality Walk-in Greenhouse


1、Warm and Ventilated Greenhouse:
The rolling shutter doors with zippers can adjust external airflow, keep plants warm and provide better air circulation for plants. Additional wind ropes and hooks can make the greenhouse more stable. Each layer can hold approximately 33 pounds of plants.

2、Rolled Zipper Door: This mini greenhouse is equipped with high-quality zippers and two ribbon knots to ensure that the door stays open for easy watering and free ventilation.

3、Product Size: Single compartment; about 56L x 29W x 77H inch / double compartment: about 56L*56W*77H inch walk-in greenhouse, which makes room for your blooming flowers, sprouting plants, and fresh vegetables, and provides ample space for creating a mini garden space.

4、Ideal Growth Environment: The PE greenhouse cover can prevent plant seeds or fragile plants from frost, overheating, and keep internal moisture. The greenhouse has a zippered rolling door for easy entry and allows you to enter the greenhouse. Two roller shutter windows can achieve better air circulation and convection. These mesh windows can also protect your plants from pests, so your plants and seedlings will grow and flourish throughout the season.

5、Easy to Install and Move: Contains all steel pipe brackets and components, no tools, easy to assemble. All parts are detachable and you can move them to any position you want to place. The mini garden is protected by a walk-in greenhouse.

6. Windproof reminder: If the greenhouse is placed in areas subjected to strong winds, it is recommended to use ropes to tie down the four corners.


Warm room use:
1. To preserve heat, protect from rain and minimize internal and external temperature fluctuations.
2. When used in winter, the heating room is mainly used to prevent freezing, heat preservation, and rain. It can also be covered with blankets at night to increase heat preservation.
3. During other seasons the greenhouse can be used to reduce moisturize during rainy months. When the temperature in the greenhouse gets too high, attention must be paid to proper ventilation.You can open the door and roll up the bottom of the cover to promote air circulation to maintain a normal temperature.


Name: Walk-in Greenhouse
Material: spray steel pipe, PE mesh cloth
Specification: single grid: about 143*73*195CM/56L x 29W x 77H inch
Double grid:   143*143*195CM/56L*56W*77H inch
Pipe diameter: : 16mm/0.63inch
Installation: self-assembly required. (refer to installation video or manual)
Purpose: plant insulation

Packing List:
1 Set of Walk-in Greenhouse (Including Bracket and Installation Components)



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143x73x195CM, 143x143x195CM


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