Large Capacity Home Automatic Sprouting Machine 110v/220v

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Note: All Products are 220v

Package Includes:
1 x Bean Sprouts Machine
1 x Shading Cover

– Food grade ABS material, green & healthy.
– Yields bean sprouts in just 2.5~4 days.
– Saves electricity with PTC heating.
– Regulates temperature, pressure, and humidity for thicker bean sprouts.
– Includes short circuit protection for safety.
– Prevents water from spillage with an automatic drainage system.
– Eliminates the hassles of changing water with a fully automated water recycling system.
– 360-degree sprinkler, to prevent uneven germination of seeds.
– 3 different modes: Spring/Autumn, Summer, and Winter). You can make your own bean sprouts all year long.
– 3 layers of design, saves electricity, time, and money.(There is no support/stand between 3 layers, the lower layer will uplift the upper layer automatically during sprouting)
– Convenient and easy for home sprouting.
– A sunshade cover is included.

1. Name: Bean Sprouts Machine
2. Model: E90651
3. Color: Green
4. Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic
5. Dimensions: 260x330mm(Diameter x Height)
6. Rated Voltage: 220V 50Hz
7. Power: 20W
8. Pump Power: 8W
9. Bean Sprouting Time: 2.5-4 days
10. Layer: 3 Layers

1. Add water to the pan bottom until high water level.
2. Connect the long water pipe with the water pump outlet, to confirm that the cover can cover properly.
3. Put trays into the container.
4. Put seeds in the tray. Remove dried and hollow bad seeds or beans out. (grains or beans should be soaked overnight in water before they are put into the machine)
5. Put the spray head on the long water pipe.
6. Close the cover and place the fabric cover on the unit to prevent exposure to light.
7. Click the power button and choose one season.
Note: When the temperature is below 64°F/8℃, select winter mode.
When the temperature is between 64-82°F/18-28℃, select spring/autumn.
When the temperature is above 82°F/28℃, select summer.
8. Leave for 2-4 days or as needed.

1. Connect the power plug, press the power key, the power indicator will be turned on.
2. Press one of the season keys, the machine starts to work, the season key indicator keeps flashing.
3. When it is time to replace the water, disconnect the power. You do not need to press any key after replacing water. Just reconnect the power. The machine has a power-off memory function.
4. When complete, the machine will stop working, the season indicator light goes off, the power key indicator flashes.

1. For best results, use this year’s beans. Avoid vintage beans as they do not easily germinate, and can easily mold. The same applies to seeds.
2. If beans are soaked in water at 82°F/30℃ or more for a too long time, the germination rate will be degraded.
3. Transgenic beans can not grow bean sprouts.
4. Replace the water once a day.



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