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If you love pizza and making it at home, this oven is for you.
CHANGE MOORE pizza oven can reach 900℉ in 15 minutes!
This means cooking a fresh Neapolitan-style stone-baked pizza in a few minutes and more time to enjoy your company.

Thermal Insulated Design 
The powder-coated stainless steel shell and ceramic fiber thermal insulated lining, keep the oven warm without wasting any fuel. Paired with an attached door that seals the heat, you get a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza every time.

Easy to Use and Install
With the durable all-stainless steel construction with 4 foldable legs, this pizza oven requires minimal assembly and is easy to take apart for cleaning, storage, and transporting. Take it to an outdoor gathering or just enjoy it in your own backyard with friends and family.

Customed Heat Retention Stone
The secret of cooking a perfect Neapolitan style pizza, with a crisp exterior and soft, chewy interior crust is the stone. CHANGE MOORE customed cordierite stone has a 10 mm thickness ensuring a rapid and evenly distributed heating surface.

Multi-Purpose Oven
CHANGE MOORE pizza oven is perfect for cooking 12” pizzas, calzones, flatbreads as well as roasting (meat, fish, and vegetables) in minutes.
You can also add differently flavored pellets or hickory wood chips to cook your favorite dishes.

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  1. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Totally worth the money.

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