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Top 10 Feel-Good Foodie Movies

Best Foodie Movies

Fall is time to spend more time indoor, by the fireplace, bring out warm fuzzy clothes, clean our closets, cupboards, garages… it is also a great time to treat ourselves to a feel-good foodie movie with beautiful food, romance, and travel to other parts of the world while traveling is not happening! Below is a list of my all-time favorite food movies that I have watched several times and would see again anytime. Note that I excluded movies that had what I consider offensive graphic scenes showing too much animal body parts, meat slicing.
And the winners are…
Drum roll, please!


1. Ratatouille

Follow the journey and the adventures of Remy, a rat who dreams of becoming a chef and finds an unlikely partner in making his dream come true. Sweet, funny, non-stop action for the whole family!

2. The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014):
Helen Mirren stars in this delightful romcom where a newly arrived family opens an Indian restaurant right across from a fancy 2-star Michelin restaurant near Paris. Worlds first collide then magic happens. Beautifully written, filmed and acted. I loved every moment of it.

3. Julie and Julia (2009):
This is by far one of the most loved food movies of all time. Based on the true story of food blogger Julie Powell who attempted to make in 365 days all 524 recipes from the Julia Child’s, cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Funny, touching, soulful, and a must-see movie.

4. Mistress of Spices (2005):
A beautifully filmed story that weaves romance with the mystery and magic of Indian spices set in San Francisco. For some reason, the movie didn’t get great reviews but it is a lovely rom-com.

5. Last Holidays (2006):
For some reason, this movie is relatively unknown. A simple cookware sale’s person goes after her big dream on a European vacation when life gives her a push. Queen Latifah and Gerard Depardieu are wonderful in this sweet, funny, moving, and inspiring movie. My definition of a feel-good movie! Another must see!

6. Chocolat (2000)
A mother (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter moved to a small French village to open a chocolate shop. In this light-hearted fable, the arrival of this chocolate shop and magical ingredients she blends in her chocolate treats slowly transform this quiet village.

7. Vatel (2000)
This exquisitely filmed French period piece is based on the life of Francois Vatel (played by Gerard Depardieu) the master chef and genius entertainer responsible for the lavish feasts of King Louis the XIV and Prince de Conde.

8. Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) Chinese
Comedy-drama directed by Ang Lee. A widower chef semi-retired cooks a lavish meal for his three unmarried daughters every Sunday. Discussions around the table revolve around relationships and disappointments. One of the daughters secretly wants to follow his footsteps.

9. The Lunchbox (Indian/English) 2013
A young housewife and a lonely widower begin an unlikely correspondence when Mumbai’s not so reliable lunchbox delivery service makes a mistake.

10. Tampopo (Japanese) 1985:
In this comedy and what was later on called the world’s first ramen Western, a restaurant owner tries to keep her husband ramen shop open after his passing and embarks on a search for the perfect ramen noodle dish.

There are 2 more movies you may like:
Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006) British
A young girl must take over her father’s Indian restaurant after his death and wins a curry competition.

Simply Irresistible (1999)
In this romantic comedy, a not very talented chef gains magical powers from an unlikely assistant and makes remarkable masterpieces.

So here you have it. My top 10 movies + 2 extras.
Most of these movies are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime. So enjoy!

So, if you are going to make some popcorn, you may want to sprinkle some nutritional yeast with your vegan butter (maybe even a little garlic powder or truffle salt) for extra flavor and goodness! Now you are ready for a night of entertainment!

What are your favorite foodie movies? 


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