Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray

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This bathtub caddy tray is built from natural bamboo and is covered with a layer of lacquer for protection. It comes with a reading rack and a cup holder for added comfort.
This specially-designed stretchable bathtub caddy tray will fit most bathtubs available on the market and is designed to fit all your needs.

Expandable Bath caddy organizer is compatible with most bathtub models including clawfoot tubs, and the sides can be extended up to 37 inches.
Nonslip Bottom: The bath tray has silicone grips that prevent sliding and slipping ensuring a safe and comfortable bathing experience.
Large Storage: The tray comes with three additional slots to hold your phone, wine glass, and wine bottle. Two movable shelves can hold your books, cup, candles, towel, etc.
High-quality Material: The bathtub caddy tray is made of premium bamboo, covered with a layer of lacquer for long life use.
Multi-purpose: This product can not only be used as a bathtub caddy tray but also as a laptop desk, tablet holder, breakfast Tray, book tray, writing desk, etc.

Note: avoid soaking the tray in water.








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