Dutch Cold Brew Coffee Drip Maker

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Dutch drip coffee: 
Unlike other brewing methods that require hot water, iced coffee is extracted with ice water, low-temperature extraction, and takes longer to dissolve the aromatic substances in the coffee. Compared to regular hot coffee, cold brew coffee has up to 66% less acidity and bitterness.

Ice Drip Coffee Maker uses cold water to slowly extract the coffee flavors from the beans. At room temperature, the water with ice drips for 4-6 hours. The extracted coffee will give off a unique aroma with an even more robust flavor. An adjustable tap enables accurate control of the speed of ice water drops, so you can control the time and the flavor according to your preference. Filtration of coffee grounds with a fine filter can effectively make coffee liquid drip smooth, but will not force extraction making sure that the taste is not bitter. Make sure to leave a slight gap at the top of the ice cubes otherwise it will affect the speed and flow of ice droplets.

The Basics of Ice Drip 
How Much Coffee should you use?
For this maker, a general guide will be 60g (1/2 cup) of coffee grounds for 350ml (1.5 cups).

Grind size?
Medium-fine or fine depending is recommended.

Type of Ice?
Filtered water is recommended to make ice. Top up 1/3 of cold filtered water to the ice to start brewing.

Drip rate?
The drip rate is usually 40-60 drops per minute.

Material: glass+stainless steel
Product size: appro45x15 cm
Capacity: 1000ml

– Makes 10 cups.

How to use:
1. Add ice and cold water to the pot, cover with the lid.
2. Clean the stainless steel sheet into the filter, and insert the paper filter.
3. Grind the coffee to fine grain, and add to the pot.
4. Open the valve to adjust the water.

Package includes:
1xcoffee pot (with cotton filters)




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