Anti Radiation Shield EMF Stickers

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10/20 Pieces Anti Radiation EMF Protection Stickers For Cell Phones


Made in Japan from high-quality material with magnetic properties (scalar energy) these stickers can neutralize positive ions by releasing negative ions, to protect your health from EMF radiation.
The set of 10 stickers allows you to place them on your cell phones, tablets, handheld gaming devices to reduce EMF radiations and create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.
The stickers should be placed on the back of tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and any other device connected to Wi-Fi. They can protect you from the symptoms that may occur after prolonged radiation exposure, namely headaches, dizziness, loss of memory, anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and more.
Peel and apply an Anti-Radiation Sticker to any battery to extend its lifespan as well as to reduce the radiation output. It can also be used on your microwave oven and other household appliances.
Best usage: mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, and small household appliances using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
The product includes only Phone Stickers, other accessories in the picture are not included

Item Type: Phone Sticker
Material: PVC
Size: 48+33mm/1.8+1.2in
Color: As shown
Optional Type: A1, A2, A3, A5, A6
Function: against EMP, EMR, radiation
Quantity: 10 PCS





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China, United States


gold-10 Pcs, gold-20Pcs, white-10 Pcs, white-20Pcs, gold-2PCS, silver-2PCS


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