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How to Reset Your Metabolism Every Day

Reprogram Body through visualization

With the new year approaching and all the talks and fear around COVID, we are all looking at ways to improve and strengthen our overall health, immune system, and ability to resist and recover from illnesses. This is why I would like to share with you something that I have learned and practiced for years and found invaluable. It only takes a few minutes, but don’t let this fool you, it is very powerful. Before I go into the details, I feel I need to walk you through 2 experiences that made me appreciate the value of this gift when I encountered it. They will also provide a broader context for it. So bare with me!

The first one took place in 1975. I remember as a young girl reading a book that changed the way I looked at life. It was called The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. It sold millions of copies and has been translated into 17 languages, so chances are, you may have even read it! At the time, I was a competitive athlete and wanted to learn more about the way the mind works. There is an analogy in the book describing the subconscious mind as the crew in the engine room at the bottom of a submarine and the conscious mind as the captain who gives orders and can see ahead through the periscope. Whatever the captain says goes. The crew cannot see so it obeys blindly every order given by the captain. In other words, the subconscious mind and every cell in our body listen to what we think, say, and feel 24×7 and work tirelessly to make it happen. In an instant, I connected the dots… I saw how my thoughts literally created my reality.  The responsibility this entailed, the practice and discipline this represented over a lifetime… No one to blame… We are apprentice Creators practicing in the manifested world! Maybe that is why we came down here, to bless this world and make it Heaven on earth!

snow flakeThe second aha moment happened in 2004, after reading another seminal book called: The Hidden Message of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  If the name sounds familiar it is because he single-handedly managed to scientifically prove that water has memory. It listens and reacts to vibrations, intentions, prayer. How do we know this? Because he photographed countless frozen drops of water showing the changes in its molecular structure. Take a glass of tap water, stick a label on it with the word “Gratitude” and the photo shows a beautiful crystalline structure. Take another glass of tap water and play heavy metal music and the crystal structure is destroyed and the pattern is smeared. Dr. Emoto conducted thousands of experiments with words, sounds, prayers applied to water and every time, the water reacted and changed its structure as a result. You have heard that no two snowflakes are alike? That’s the truth!

I had the great blessing of meeting and interviewing him in 2007. He was starting to experiment on blood plasma. Why does this matter? Since 60% of the human adult body is made of water, the quality of our thoughts and emotions will inform the structure of the water circulating in our body and our overall state of health. And with 71% of the earth being covered by water, the same water we all drink… you may start to see that our thoughts and intentions may have a greater impact on the world than previously thought. Everything is connected…

So 5 years ago, when a friend forwarded me a link to The MIR Method, I recognized and understood the power of it. It consisted of a list of instructions to reprogram all of our body’s functions on multiple levels to their optimal settings. I had just gone through an operation at the time and wanted to reconnect with my body at a cellular level as a preventive strategy. If you have a specific health issue, you can read  testimonials to see how it worked for them.

Here is the reprogramming sequence to repeat inside:

Optimize acidity. (think lower the pH, reduce inflammation…)
Detox all toxicity.  (think heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, radiations, EMF, etc.)
Detach father. Detach mother. (poor genetic markers, etc.)
Supplement all shortages. (I picture a studio soundboard and using a large ruler, bring all the buttons up)
Optimize chakras & Aura.  (spin the energy wheels from the bottom-up and the auric field from the top-down)
Clear meridians. (the electrical/chi network of energy that crisscrosses the body)
Balance hormonal system. (thyroid, adrenals, etc.)
Provide basic needs. 
Clarify mission. (for the day or your life)

I like to end it with:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for
It is done, it is done, it is done.

I have also added a few of my own.
Feel free to do the same to customize it to your needs:

Regenerate telomeres
Why telomeres? When our cells divide, the material that caps our chromosomes and prevents them from fraying like a shoelace is used to make the new cells. Over time, we slowly run out of telomere causing aging and eventually death because the cells no longer can replicate themselves. What if our body could regenerate the telomeres as the chromosomes use them to divide?
Optimize neurons, synapses, arteries, veins, vessels… (visualize a freeway with smooth traffic)
Balance the microbiome (the billions of micro-organism, friendly bacteria in our intestine and stomach)
Optimize every organ (skin, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, etc.)

What is the best time to do it?
I like to do it before going to sleep so that my body has time to work on it while I rest. Plus you don’t get interrupted by phone calls, kids, etc. First thing in the morning too.
Remember that you are the captain of your body, the director of your orchestra. All the cells are listening… teach them well. Remind them of what matters to you and they will work tirelessly to make it happen. Choose wisely!


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