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Sunflower sprouts healthy snack

ODE TO THE SUNFLOWER SEED – The Mightiest Sprout of All!

I felt so blessed to be able to go to Haiti last year a week after the earthquake to help at a Seven day Adventist hospital. It was so moving to see doctors, nurses from all over the world that had temporary left what they were doing to lend a hand to the Haitian people in […]

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Quick Dairy-free Chocolate Pudding

    This 4-ingredient dairy-free chocolate pudding is the simplest dessert you will ever make. It requires no baking, no setting time, no refrigeration prior to eating. I call it, instant gratification! Not only is it dairy-free but also egg free. You will want to double or triple this recipe because it goes quickly. Quick Vegan […]

meat-free pizza

Pizza Sophia

Why order pizza when you can make your own and tailor it to your taste? Because it is easier? Maybe if you are in a hurry but not if you get a little organized. Homemade is not only cheaper but so much fun when you have friends over. Everyone can participate and make their own […]

Roasted Seasoned Chick Peas

Seasoned Roasted Bean Snack

I don’t know about you but finding tasty and healthy salty treats can be tricky especially when you are travelling. I for one, have always preferred salty to sweet food. Seriously, have you ever noticed how there isn’t much salty snacks or treats out there? It is a conspiracy, I tell ya! All the protein […]

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