Vegan pain au chocolat

Quick Pains au Chocolat

Growing up in France, I must say that have eaten my fair share of awesome croissants and pains au chocolat for special breakfasts, or lovely afternoon snacks the French call “goûter”. The flakiness, soft and buttery on the inside, chocolate bursting in my mouth. I can close my eyes and remember my first bite… A […]

Chinese eggplant

Chinese Eggplant with Garlic Chili Sauce

Eggplant can be made into all kinds of dishes like eggplant parmesan, baigan bartha (eggplant curry), baba ganoush, and of course stir-fried Chinese eggplants, just to name a few. Each of these dishes uses a different type of eggplant. Did you know that there are 17 unique types of eggplants? Most grocery stores only sell […]

Crispy bean snack

Mixed Crispy Beans Snack

Beans are so good for you but they can get a bad rep like causing occasional bloating for some people. Since I don’t have that problem, I am always looking for new fun ways to consume them beyond, hummus, soups, and stews. They would make the perfect snack if only there was a way to […]

Japchae noodles

Korean Japchae Noodles with Gochujang Sauce

This week we are making a popular Korean dish that was first served to the 15th ruler of Korea, King Gwanghaegun in the 17th century. Thank God, we, mere mortals, can now all enjoy it! It can be made in less than 30 minutes so this qualifies as a quick stir-fry in my book. Maybe […]

Beetroot upside down tart

Beetroot Sweet Potato Tartlets (Upside Down)

Tarte Tatin is a beloved French dessert that features caramelized apples covered with puff pastry and served upside down. What if instead, we made individual savory tarts? The same delicate flaky crust filled with delicate thin slices of caramelized beetroot and sweet potatoes or butternut squash? Not only is it beautiful but you can make […]

Einkorn winter Salad

Einkorn Winter Salad

While we all turn to soups and stews this time of year, this is also a great time for winter salads. You know, a nice bowl with a little grain, some roasted veggies, steamed greens, some proteins, some pickled onions. The possibilities are infinite really and you get to use whatever you have at home. […]

No bake lasagna

Rustic No Bake lasagna

Lasagna is a popular dish but let’s be honest, it takes a bit of work and is not something you whip up on the spur of the moment. First, you have to cook the lasagna sheets, a few at a time and set them aside. Then prepare the tomato sauce, cream/cheese layer, shred the vegetables. […]


Lavender Infused Biancomangiare

In the tradition of simple cooking, comes a lovely dessert consumed in France and Sicily called “Biancomangiare” or Blancmange (in French). This silky soft almond pudding is really easy to make and uses ingredients most kitchens have. Originally, it was made with cow milk, rice or almond milk, with some starch and sugar. Usually set […]

Birds Nest

Bird’s Nests

With the award season fast approaching, I am always on the look out for new ideas for  appetizers. I have a few requirements: they should be easy to grab and eat in one bite, preferably crunchy and tasty, and look beautiful on a serving plate. And if you have any left, they can be served […]

Vegan truffle mac and cheese

Vegan Truffle Mac & Cheese

I am pretty sure that if you look up comfort food, you will see a picture of Mac and cheese. Just the bright yellow orange color makes you happy! A bowl of hot macaroni noodles coated with a cheesy sauce does the trick whether you are teen or a senior! You can make a quick […]

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