Vegan potato skins

French Potato Skins Appetizers

Potato skins are a great appetizer for parties, movie or sport nights. They are a wonderful way to transform simple potatoes into fun finger food for the whole family. They keep well for a few days too. Potato skins are traditional usually served with melted cheese, bits of bacon, a dollop of sour cream and […]


Best Fattoush Salad

What do you do when you have left over stale bread? You make French toast, croutons, panzanella salad, etc What do you do when you have stale pita bread (as it is often the case in the Middle East), you make bread salad, also known as Fattoush!  Don’t worry this salad won’t fatten your toushie! […]

Peach Tea Mocktail

Refreshing Fruity Ice Tea Mocktail

This drink was created as an attempt to reproduce a mocktail I had in a Lebanese restaurant years ago. It was a hot day, and I wanted something special, not too sweet but very refreshing. And did they deliver on that wish! This was no Arnold Palmer! It had layers of flavors! An exotic subtle […]

Moo Shu vegetables

Deluxe Moo Shu Vegetables

Moo Shu is a fun dish to share with family and friends. It comes with warm light soft thin crepes that you use to scoop a wonderful assortment of julienne vegetables in a rich dark sauce. The original dish is said to have originated in Northern China in Shandong. It always contained eggs, pork, and […]

Matcha tea vegan ice cream

Creamy Dairy-free Matcha Tea Ice Cream with Mango Coulis

Since most of the country is currently under an advisory heat wave, what better time to make ice cream! Sure, you can buy some but it could be melted by the time you get home! Making it from scratch is fun, healthier because there are no additives. It gives you the ability to experiment with […]

Best eggless potato salad

Best Eggless Potato Salad Ever

Potato salad is not only an American summer classic dish but it is also a beloved salad in Europe. The traditional recipe packs a lot calories because of the mayonnaise, boiled eggs and sour cream. This is also what makes this popular salad a dangerous dish in picnics and potlucks if it stays in the […]

Summer Root Salad

Apple Beet Fennel Salad with Avocado Turmeric Vinaigrette

Summer is now in full swing so it is the perfect time to make wonderful salads. This one is one of our favorites. It combines fruit, root vegetables, roasted seeds and the most wonderful turmeric vinaigrette giving it a delicate golden hue. Best Apples for salads Living in the state of Washington, the #1 producer […]

Vegan Kebab

Perfect Meal For 4th of July Celebrations

Summer has been a bit slow to arrive in the Pacific Northwest this year, to say the least! But I am not complaining because while the rest of the country has been feeling the heat and drought quite early, lawns and meadows here are gloriously green, and our lakes and rivers are full! But I […]

Whipped Garlic Paste -Toum

Toum – Lebanese Whipped Garlic Paste

If I was stranded on an island and could only have one type of sauce, I would probably opt for a life supply of freshly made Toum! Seriously, if you like garlic, you are going to love this recipe. The first time I tasted it was at a Lebanese restaurant in France. The waiter brought […]

Collard wraps

Deluxe Collard Wraps

Collard greens are a staple in Southern cooking. They are from the cabbage family, and can be substituted to Kale or Swiss Chard. For the longest time, I only knew collard greens as a leafy greens that is often slightly overcooked. Fast forward a few years and imagine my surprise when I discovered at a […]

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