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Meat-free mapo tofu

Meatless Mapo Tofu

The first time I saw a plate of mapo tofu I wasn’t sure what I was looking at or what it would taste. A friend that loves spicy food had ordered it on the menu and was raving about it.  It also introduced me to silken tofu. How interesting that tofu could also to made […]

Meatless Shepherd Pie

Meatless Shepherd’s Pie

When I think about how the first Shepherd’s pie was made, I can’t help but seeing a young shepherd sitting on a rock boiling some potatoes over an open fire, a frying pan with some meat and vegetables. The last part, the baking of both layers however may have required an oven of some kind […]

Eggplant green curry

Green Eggplant Curry

In Thai restaurants you usually find yellow, red and green curry on the menu. Of all three, yellow is always the mildest one and the one that is prepared without any fish sauce in it. Red curry or Panang curry is a little more spicy but often contains fish sauce and green curry is the […]

grapefruit steak

Crispy Grapefruit Steak – Bistec de Torejon

As I get older, I gain more and more appreciation for the abundance of Mother Nature and of the work and time it takes to grow food and as a result, I always like to learn new ways to use the parts of fruit and vegetables that would otherwise end up in our compost pile. […]

Poached daikon scallops

Poached Daikon Scallops with Wasabi Mayonnaise

The first time I ate daikon was in a small restaurant in Japan. It came in the form of thinly sliced pickles served before the main dish. It looked like potatoes but tasted like a peppery and lightly sweet radish. I could feel my digestive enzymes kick in and that’s exactly why Japanese start their […]

Vietnamese omelet

Crispy Vietmamese Omelet

The first time I tasted a Vietnamese omelet I could not believe that it was eggless. What a discovery! It was light, fluffy, with a light yellow hue. It was crispy on the edges and thicker in the middle to hold the filling. Oh and don’t get me started on the pickled carrots on the […]


Traditional Seven Vegetable Couscous

My first discovery of Moroccan food was in a small and colorful restaurant in my hometown in the South of France back in the seventies. It had such exotic colors and decorations! Fabric draped on the ceiling, lanterns, rugs… It was also the first time I tasted the fire of chilis! I remember it as […]

Roasted Rood Vegetables

Roasted Root Vegetables with Tahini Pesto

Growing up in France, I remember hearing countless stories about World War II. Some of them were about food shortages during these hard times, and how when things were really bad, people survived on boiled turnips and rutabaga! Maybe that’s why I don’t remember ever eating them during my childhood! It was only a few […]

Butternut Squash skillet Pizza

Butternut Squash Skillet Pizza

We used to have a pizza stone that cooked pizzas evenly and more quickly but one day it cracked. We are still not sure how it happened. Maybe something sharp dropped on it or maybe it had a defect. So sadly we had to get rid of it and homemade pizzas were never quite the […]


Pasta with roasted beet puree and asparagus

Ask anyone in our house and you will find out that beets are quite popular. We love to juice them, eat them raw shredded in salads, lightly pickled, steamed, and one of our favorite way to prepare them is to simply roast them.  We love to grow them especially the multi-colored ones. One way we […]

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