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Crispy Oat Rice Treats

Quick Oat Crispy Rice Bars

I love rice, in all of its forms. White, brown, red rice, rice noodles (thin, wide, fresh, dried), rice pancakes, mochi, rice pudding. The only way I can explain this (since I was born and raised in France on all things wheat), is that I must have had multiple past lives in Asia. Now don’t […]

Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass Probiotic Drink

Probiotic rich beverages have gained in popularity as more and more people discover first hand their health benefits. Whether it is kombucha, kefir drinks, probiotic seltzers, tepache, we love them. So, what exactly are probiotics? They are living organisms that make up the good bacteria in our gut, a.k.a. microbiome. No wonder, they are regularly […]

eggless quiche

Gluten-free Eggless Quiche

Quiche make the best brunch or lunch but they can be a little work. You have to make the crust, dice all the vegetables, make the eggless batter, and bake the crust on its own, then with the filling. But what I love about quiche is that you can use just about any vegetable as […]

Vegan pain au chocolat

Quick Pains au Chocolat

Growing up in France, I must say that have eaten my fair share of awesome croissants and pains au chocolat for special breakfasts, or lovely afternoon snacks the French call “goûter”. The flakiness, soft and buttery on the inside, chocolate bursting in my mouth. I can close my eyes and remember my first bite… A […]

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