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Best Vegan Cheeses

My Top 10 Vegan Cheese by Type

If you ask anyone what is the one thing they miss the most after transitioning to a plant-based diet, almost everyone will say cheese. People of Asian or African origin don’t miss it because cheese is not consumed in Asia and Africa. Actually, most Asians are allergic to dairy products. For everyone else, butter, cheese, […]

Vietnamese omelet

Crispy Vietmamese Omelet

The first time I tasted a Vietnamese omelet I could not believe that it was eggless. What a discovery! It was light, fluffy, with a light yellow hue. It was crispy on the edges and thicker in the middle to hold the filling. Oh and don’t get me started on the pickled carrots on the […]

Potato Green Bean Salad

French Potato Green Bean Salad with Creamy shallot dressing

Whenever we can find young fresh beans, we love to make a green bean and potato salad. This salad is rustic and wholesome. It is also a French classic that I grew up with. It makes a great lunch on its own because it is filling and satisfying. You can make it more colorful by […]


Traditional Seven Vegetable Couscous

My first discovery of Moroccan food was in a small and colorful restaurant in my hometown in the South of France back in the seventies. It had such exotic colors and decorations! Fabric draped on the ceiling, lanterns, rugs… It was also the first time I tasted the fire of chilis! I remember it as […]

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