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  • Vegan Holidays, Because Eating Turkey is Foul Alright!

    Date: 2011.11.29 | Category: MUSINGS | Response: 0

    Have you ever wondered, what is it with our race and the need to kill something every time we celebrate an event? I probably should say with men, since I somehow can’t imagine women coming up with this strange practice that has become so ingrained in our culture. It would be like saying “Today, we are celebrating life so let’s go kill something (which is actually a someone in this case)!

    I often wonder if this could be what caused the ‘fall’ in the Garden of Eden (let’s say there was such a place for the sake of the argument!)
    One minute everyone is hanging out peacefully, the next ,Adam and Eve are ashamed, they have to cover their body and are expelled from Eden. Sounds to me that they started to look at each other’s differently and who knows maybe someone became someone’s dinner! It could happen!

    Seriously, celebrations have always been important because life was tough in the old days (still is today), so any occasion like the arrival of Spring, new life and all the subsequent religious holidays (which are basically ancient pagan rites renamed after religious events!) are an essential part of every culture. I guess my question is, why spoiling a celebration with shedding blood and causing suffering?

    Women would probably have come up with things like, a potluck, music, dance, storytelling, ceremony to celebrate the special event. Later on, maybe a sleepover with some pampering. You get the picture!

    Really, who came up with this lame idea to go out and sacrifice an innocent animal (a lamb or a goat in Africa, the Middle East, chicken and turkey in America, Western Europe…) I wonder if the reason why men are more inclined to fight and take lives is because they do not have the ability to hold and nurture life inside of them  therefore it is easier to forget how precious, fragile and sacred life is. Or maybe men felt left out and decided to bring something to the par-tay! And all they could come up with is a dead animal! A carcass! Really?

    I think that it is time we evolve as a specie! Don’t you?

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