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Wellness Fitness Cloud Word Wall Decal

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Wellness Fitness Cloud Word Wall Decal

Perfect for a workout room, a yoga studio or a massage salon, this wall decal is a great focal point!

1 set includes:

Vinyl Decal+Transfer Film+ Instructions In English.


Size (1 inch =2.54cm ) :

S: 30×57 cm

M: 42×78 cm

L:  57×106 cm

XL: 74×138 cm



Eco-friendly waterproof vinyl decals are removable but not reusable.
Apply to flat surfaces like walls, glass, metal, wood, plastic.
Die-cut, not printed, so they do not contain a background (clear or otherwise).
The wall or surface you apply the decal to will be the background.
Sizes over 23″ may come in multiple parts for easier application.
All of our products are made to order. We do this to ensure that you are getting a brand new wall decal that hasn’t been sitting on the shelf or in a warehouse for months or years.



This is not a peel and stick decal. You need to use the transfer paper to stick it. Transfer paper is reusable and is included together with the wall quote decal in the package. Please do it following the instructions

How to apply:

Put the transfer film on top of the wall sticker, then rub the surface of the pattern with a card again and again; Cut it into pieces, if necessary. Cut off the extra parts; Peel off the transfer film gently from the paper sheet, paste it on the wall, and rub the surface of the pattern again;   Peel off the transfer film gently from the wall sticker.


In case air bubbles occur, you can poke them with a needle; For a large-size wall sticker, 2 or more people are required to stick it perfectly; Make sure to apply the sticker to a smooth surface, NOT a textured one. It is NOT recommended to stick on wallpaper.



How to use

TO REMOVE: Use a hairdryer to help to peel it away from the wall, without damaging it.



Additional information


Black, White, 04 Yellow, 06 Orange, Red, 10 Blush, 19 Green, 24 Brown, 27 Gray, 30 Purple, 16 King Blue, 12 Light Blue, 13 Medium Blue, 28 Dark Gray, 26 State Gray, 29 Hydrangea Purple, 21 Teal, 31 Violet, 35 Soft Pink, 36 Fuchsia


30x57cm, 42x78cm, 57x106cm, 74x138cm


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