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Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

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Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with Night Light
portable humidifier 电池

Product size: 77 * 190mm
Spray amount: 50-70ml/h
Water tank capacity: 400ml
Color: white, pink
Version: USB version/battery version

Spray Function

1. Remove the cotton swab to soak it in water before turning the diffuser on.
2. Press the button once to activate the continuous spray mode.
3. Press again to change it to intermittent spray ( spray 10s stop 5s).
4. Press a third time to turn off the spray function.

Timing & Light

Timing function:

– 6 hr/8 hr: the diffuser will be powered off automatically after 6 hr in continuous spray mode/8 hr intermittent spray mode)
– If you want to keep using the humidifier, please press the button to restart the humidifier.

Light Function

– Press and hold for 3 sec to turn on the warm light, press again to turn off the light function.

Package Includes:

1 humidifier
1 manual
4 cotton swabs
1 USB cable

1 (1)_副本1 (2)_副本1 (3)_副本1 (4)_副本1 (5)_副本1 (6)_副本1 (7)_副本1 (8)_副本1 (9)_副本1 (10)_副本1 (11)_副本1 (12)_副本Features
1. Double mist outlet, large fog amount 50-70ml/h
2. 400ML large water tank capacity, one tank lasts a whole day of continuous use.
3. Two spray mode, continuous spray/intermittent spray
4. Built-in battery for wireless humidification
5. Warm night light for night sleeping.1 (13)_副本1 (14)_副本


Additional information


White, Pink

Plug Type

battery version, usb version


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