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Tofu Press


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Tofu Press

With a high protein content and low-calorie count, tofu is a mainstay for vegan and other healthy-eating styles of cooking. But Did you know that draining your tofu and getting all the water out can create a better texture and flavor? This tofu press is simple to operate, it makes firm tofu without much effort thanks to its stainless spring and the many small holes in the draining basket.

Did you know?
➤Pressing tofu allows sauces and marinades to be absorbed more easily and prevent it from crumbling while cooking. Dried, firm tofu is perfect for a wide variety of vegan recipes.
➤Tofu presses are an essential kitchen gadget. It allows you to slowly, gradually squeeze all the water out of your tofu so you’re left with a dense block that has incredible taste and texture.

How to use tofu press?
1. Purchase tofu which has a suitable size
2. Place the tofu into the second layer strainer
3. Lock the spring in the bottom container
4. Put the strainer on the spring in the bottom container
5.  Place the lid on top of the tofu and clip the buckle lightly
6. Wait for 15-30minutes at least or put the press in the fridge overnight

Some useful tips:
1. Tofu presses work best with regular tofu packages. Tofu that is larger could lock the panels down. Just cut the tofu in half lengthwise to fit the press size.
2. Freezing tofu and thawing it before cook makes it firmer and chewier, giving it an almost meat-like texture. You can press the tofu overnight in the fridge to make it firmer and chewier. Frozen and defrosted tofu works well for frying, baking, coating in batter, and marinating.
3. To get the best results, allow the tofu to sit minimum 20-30 minutes.


Material: Plastic
Color: Green and White
Product Size: 6.7″X 5.9″X 3.9″ (17cmx15 x10cm)
Weight: 0.573 LB (0.26KG)



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