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Stylish Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Home or Office

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Stylish Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Home or Office


This diffuser produces an ultrasonic smooth mist and pleasant aromas to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, soften and moisten dry skin, and helps you breathe better in the winter.

Made of safe, fireproof ABS and PP materials, this essential oil diffuser & humidifier has CE certifications to ensure premium quality and good health. It will transform your surroundings and brings a spa-like feeling to your home so that you can relax after a long day at work.

Comes in different models:

Dark wood
Light wood grain
White wood grain
2 pcs


Don’t add too much essential oil at once.
Add the appropriate amount of water (minimum amount is 130 ml.)
Always place the humidifier on a flat surface or the water could spill over.

Maintenance instructions:

Regularly clean the diffuser with cotton swabs. Don’t forget to also wipe the spring wire because it regulates the spray.

It is recommended to clean the atomizer plate with medical-grade alcohol once in a while to ensure proper functioning.



Q. Why do only lights work, but no spray, or small spray?

A: You must soak the cotton stick well the first time. If the cotton does not get wet, it will not produce steam. To do so you will need to unscrew the lid of the humidifier, unscrew the white tube, take out the cotton stick and soak it in water. Once this is done it should take about 1 minute before a spray/mist appears.


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Aromatherapy Night light diffuser
Marble diffuser
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Dark wood grain, Light wood grain, Light wood grain, Dark wood grain, marble, White wood grain, Gold, blue, Pink, 2pcs, 2pcs, 2pcs, 2pcs, 2pcs

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China, Spain


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