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Portable Plastic Bag Sealer

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Portable Plastic Bag Sealer

Never experience a staled bag of chips or crackers again with this practical handheld sealer.
Forget rubber bands, clips that don’t work… with this portable bag sealer, you will preserve your food longer.

Small and easy to use and store, it is ideal for home use.

Reseal perfectly open bags of food, preserving its freshness.

It simply slides along the edge of any bag as it seals it airtight.

Protects against unwanted moisture.

Solid and durable

Product size: 3.5*1.5*2.3inch (9*4*6CM)

Color: white/pink

Power: requires 2 AA  alkaline batteries (Not included)

Size: 10cm x 3.7cm x 4.5cm

Quantity: 1PC

Power: 2 AA Batteries (Not included)

Size: (L*W*H): 3.9*1.6*1.8in/ 10*4*4.5CM

Voltage: 3V

Power: 3.5W


Use with:

Fresh plastic bags
Ordinary plastic bags, snack bags
Laminated bags
The problem with snack bags

1. Because we tend to snack in between meals, they are often eaten a little at a time (unless you have a large party), leaving little bags with rubber bands, clips that don’t really seal the bags. So the snacks are susceptible to moisture, just by opening them and letting some air in. This moisture will affect the freshness, the taste, the texture, and the crispiness of the food. And often, you will end up throwing the bags away because who wants to eat stale chips or crackers. This causes unnecessary food waste, especially for snacks, cookies, and other fried or puffed food.

2. Because snack bags come in different shapes they are not easy to tie unless you have a hand sealer to keep snacks, fruit fresh, and mold-free.

3. Our sealer creates a perfect seal, just like a brand new package

4. After the washed fruits are bundled still no way to stop the water from flowing out, take out and have a picnic is easy to wet the bag.

6. The sealer is small and portable, reusable, and easy to use.

7. Strong and pungent foods that are kept sealed keep your refrigerator fresh and odorless.

Package Includes:

1 * Food Bag Sealing Machine( battery not included)



1. The sealer does not work on paper bags.

2. Cover with the protective case after each use to prevent any burns.

3. You must start sealing after pressing the button for a few seconds.

4. To guaranty a good seal every time you must slide slowly over the edge of the bag.

5. Use 2 AA batteries (not included )

6. If the thickness of the bag is more than 0.1cm it will be harder to seal and you may have to seal a few times.

7. Thinner bags should be folded several layers to obtain a strong seal. If the package is too thin the seal may not be strong.

8. Sealing will produce a normal plastic smell and is not a sign of malfunction of the sealing machine.

9. Make sure to remove all food debris, oil, and wipe clean the edge of the plastic bag before sealing it.

10. Do not use continuously for more than 1 minute to avoid overheating the battery.




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