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Non-stick Stainless Steel Pan/Wok with Honeycomb Technology and Glass Lid

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Non-stick Stainless Steel Pan/Wok with Honeycomb Technology and Glass Lid

Treat yourself to a professional pan/wok with a glass lid that lets you see all the action and that will last you a lifetime.


1. Non-toxic: This frying pan does not contain PFA, PFOA, lead, or cadmium.
2. Forged Base: The lightweight forged base of the frying pan provides extremely high strength, so you don’t have to worry about the pan warping or deteriorating over time.
3. Easy to Clean: The honeycomb non-stick pan makes flipping and cleaning food a breathe.
4. Makes Cooking Easy: The forged base of the frying pan ensures even cooking, control, and the tight-fitting glass lid seals moisture and nutrients so you get delicious results every time you use it.
5. Multi-Purpose:  The frying pan is suitable for all stoves, including gas, electricity, it can be safely used in the oven (up to 850°F), and is dishwasher safe.
6. Tip: In order to obtain a long-lasting performance, it is recommended to first add a few drops of oil over low medium-fire before turning on the heat on high. It is best to use silicone or wooden utensils.

Name: Non-stick Wok
Material: class A 410
Process: fine carving technology
Standards: 32CM/12.60in, 34CM/13.39in

Why choose our frying pan:
1. Because our frying pan has excellent anti-stickiness, excellent uniform heat dissipation, which is perfect for fast low-fat cooking food.
2. If you want a safe, PFOA-Free anti-stick pan, this is your pan. In addition, the service life of this non-stick product is longer than most types of pans.

How to use the frying pan:
First, you should season the pan by adding a little oil in the frying pan and shake it for a few seconds to evenly coat it on low/medium heat before adding food. Use vegetable oil or grapeseed oil instead of non-stick cooking spray. Non-stick cooking sprays contain lecithin, which will leave a sticky layer on the surface of the frying pan.

How to clean the non-stick pan:
When cleaning the nonstick pan, please wash the frying pan with soft soap and soft cloth or sponge after each use. Rinse the pan with hot water because high temperatures will make your pan cleaner. And If there is charred food on the pan, soak the pan in warm soapy water for 10-20 minutes.

Packing List:
1 * Nonstick Frying Pan (32CM/12.60in, 34CM/13.39in optional)

It is best to keep a certain distance between the handle of the frying pan and the stove burners to keep the handle cool to the touch.




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China, United States


32CM, 34CM


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