Thumbs Up for The UK!

Kudos UK for kicking out Monsanto!


You win some, you lose some… This seems to be Monsanto‘s new motto !  They sure have been in the news a lot lately! While Whole Foods and others have surrendered to the GMO king in the US, the Daily Mail, a British newspaper reported that the UK and Europe succeeded in no less than ousting the company and its products from its markets and borders! Sayonara! Goodbye, bon voyage… and don’t come back!
Wow, it is amazing what people can do when they mobilize en masse with a specific goal in mind (the Occupy movement could learn a thing or two from them and in this case to have a point!)

So Monsanto, as a result, will be closing off their Cambridge-based wheat production, selling off GMO crop-breeding centers in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. As a result, other companies like Bayer CropScience have followed suit and closed shop too!

Now, if the UK, France and the Czech Republic managed to kick them out, we can do the same in the US. Granted, we are off a slow start since the US is the largest producer of GMO crops but we need to start somewhere. Take California, they introduced a ballot initiative, another one is under way in the state of Washington and many others are thinking about doing the same.

Forget the USDA and FDA as watchdogs looking after the well being of Americans, because many former executives of Monsanto (see diagram) are now conveniently, for them, watching over the interests of their former employer! You would think that this would constitute total collusion of interests, but somehow, our Federal government doesn’t seem to see any problem with that!

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And to celebrate this great news, how about some organic popcorn for everyone? Don’t forget to sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top for an added cheezy flavor and lots of vitamin B!
It is practically a supplement!


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