A dearest friend sent me this short video a few days ago and it has been playing in the back of my mind ever since and has been a source of great joy, comfort and hope. So I thought I would share it with you.

Even though this isn’t directly related to cooking or food, it certainly qualifies as spiritual food and while we may have plenty of the former, we sure can all use more of the later. Don’t forget to turn up the volume! 

Now that you have heard the song and read the lyrics, you can watch this one. It was filmed in Thailand and well, let’s just say that it is at a slightly larger scale (try a million children!) By the way, if you wander who is this handsome man standing, he is the song writer. What a gift for him and for all of us! You will see what I mean.

Can you see all the children, all the nations, living in peace all together?
A world were all life is cherished, protected and nurtured.
I can. It is up to each and everyone of us to hold the image and the intention, the rest will follow.
It is the law of the universe, energy follows thought.
And we all thought, this was the end times!
I guess it all depends how you looks at things!
Start dreaming, holding visions of abundance, Truth, Love and Beauty for all living beings on earth.  


As a self-taught vegan chef, food consultant and animal lover, I feel so blessed to share my passion for great tasting international karma-free food that is kind to animals, our health and the planet.

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