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  • Shopping for dinner in France!

    Date: 2011.09.23 | Category: MUSINGS, Vegan humor | Response: 2

    I just read a most unexpected comic strip in a French magazine and had to share it. First, let me provide some context for my amazement. France must be by far one of the country that is most attached to its culinary traditions and all include some form of meat, dairy, fish and other animal parts and by-products. Believe me, I have had my share of them when I grew up!  To give you an idea, one of the most popular dish on restaurant’s menus at lunch time is steak and French fries. So when I came accross this comic strip in a mainstream magazine, I just about fell of my chair. I inserted a translation in blue so that anyone can follow the story. If you can’t read it because it is a bit small, it goes something like this:

    – Good afternoon
    – Hmm! What should I get for dinner?
    – Rosalie
    – Clotilde
    – Gaston
    – Maybe, I will have just a little bit of ivy! 


    Shopping for dinner in France! Courtesy of La petite page de Gloria,


    Interestingly enough, the cartoon points to the difficulty someone may encounter when purchasing meat if it had a name or a face. That would be a show stopper for most of us. Wouldn’t it? We are so removed from the food that we eat that getting closer to it will definitely shatter our reality. There is a reason why slaughterhouses are never in town and are not made of glass.

    So, does this mean that France is moving in a less carnivorous direction? Are women reconsidering food choices for themselves and their families? Is meat losing its status? I hope for a resounding yes on all fronts while knowing that habits are hard to break. But there is one thing for sure, something is in the air in the land of the Freedom fries!

    Thank you Marianne Maury Kaufman for your refreshing look at life! I needed that!


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